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Do you know that emotions can be toxic? Negative emotions can be as toxic as smoking, chemicals, alcohol and refined sugar and even more. They can poison your body, change the chemistry of your cells affect your bodily functions and even your longevity.

Toxic relationships can be a constant and overlooked source of toxicity in your life. These relationships include coworkers, spouses, partners, neighbors or friends whom you deal with on regular daily basis. These toxic relationships are very dangerous because they not only cause considerable damage to your health but also undermine your efforts to get better.

A study published in journal Science in 1988 analyzing the medical risks of social isolation, concluded that lack of emotional support was a greater risk factor for disease and death than smoking. Researchers reported that for men, apparently the breakup of a marriage can be as lethal as a lifelong habit of smoking. This was concluded in a study that included 100,000 men, comparing annual premature death rates for smokers. It was remarkably noted that the premature death rate for non-smokers who are divorced is almost equal to that for married smokers.

Another study presented in 2005 at the American Heart Association’s second International conference on women, heart disease and stroke, provided further evidence on the risk of toxic relationships on health. This ten year study followed 3600 married men and women and tracked their health to see who developed heart disease or died of any cause during the study. It was found that women who did not express themselves in marital conflicts had four times the risk of dying during the study compared to women who spoke their minds. Men, on the other hand, suffered in their hearts when they saw their working wives burdened by job stress.

I am sharing these compelling studies with you, not to underestimate the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle, but to emphasize the importance of positive emotions and relationships and their healing powers which is proven by scientific evidence. On the other hand, it’s also true that relationships that make you feel frightened, hurt or despised can be poisonous.

As an Oakville nutritionist, I witness many clients who follow my Detox/Cleanse program and get remarkable health benefits during their detox. Most of them will experience a higher emotional sensitivity and clarity about their feelings and relationships during and after the detox. I call this “emotional detoxification”.This is a normal effect of cleansing the body and mind of toxins as it allows for clearer thinking and better energy flow.

In my detox and cleanse protocols,  I always stress the importance of having a daily spiritual practice to energize your soul, allow your conscious mind to rest and connect with your inner self. This also gives you a chance to detoxify any toxic effects from the people around you and to get clear and focused on your true desires.

When you practice mindfulness on a daily basis, it then gets a habit which can literally change your life overtime. Just start with a simple practice such as a prayer or mediation for 5 minutes a day and then build up on this. This is a very rewarding practice, however, you need to be patient, accept any emotions that might rise up to the surface during the process, and not to be attached to any immediate results.

If you have existing toxic relationships in your life, may be you can do something to change this situation. Try to get rid of these toxic relationships if possible. If this is not possible, find a way to minimize these toxic effects on your health by regularly detoxifying your body, practicing mindfulness, and may be looking for positive support from others in your life.

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Maha Nasr

Maha Nasr, MD (Egy.), PhD, C.H.N.C.-founder and owner of Healthy U Turn-is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and weight loss coach with a strong medical background. In 2016, she was nominated for the first annual holistic nutrition award – “Trail Blazer Award” – for exceptional work in the holistic nutrition industry within Canada. Maha is passionate about empowering women 40+ who struggle with resistant weight loss and underlying hormonal and/or digestive imbalances to get back in shape and reclaim their health naturally without deprivation or struggle. She strives to help them ditch the diet and embrace a natural lifestyle that allows them to stay healthy and fit for life, feel more confident about their bodies and at peace with their health. Find out more about her approach and how she can help at

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