Are you a woman struggling with resistant weight loss?

Are you a chronic dieter who usually ends up gaining back the lost weight and even more?

Are you frustrated and tired of this diet roller-coaster and want a permanent solution to end your struggle with weight loss for good?

Do you know that you need to deal with issues such as emotional eating under stress and hormonal imbalance that can be sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

As you probably know, staying overweight is unhealthy. Obesity is now considered an inflammatory disease which is associated with so many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, joint problems and more.

If you are looking for a non-conventional and natural weight loss solution that deals with the issues that keep you gaining the weight back on and allows you to easily maintain a healthy and fit body for life without struggle or deprivation, you are in the right place.

What are the possible health imbalances underlying resistant weight loss?

Weight loss is much more than a matter of will power, restricting calories or even working out. Science has proven that overweight is caused by many underlying health imbalances. These health imbalances include:

  • Nutritional imbalances due to poor food choices and unhealthy dietary habits.
  • Physical imbalances which might be caused by stored body toxins, hormonal imbalances, slow metabolism, digestive issues, allergies, etc.
  • Emotional imbalances causing people to eat under stress and use food to sooth their uncomfortable feelings.

The shocking truth about conventional diets

The shocking truth is that most people on conventional weight loss diets fail and 95% regain all the weight back within three years.

Conventional weight loss diets are usually not personalized for your specific health needs and don’t take into account bio-individual differences. They won’t address most of the above health imbalances underlying your weight issues.

Moreover most conventional diets are very restrictive and won’t educate you on healthy food choices and lifestyle habits. That’s why most of these diets don’t work on the long run.

Most conventional diets are not genuinely concerned with your health and might involve a non-healthy way for fast weight loss which encourages muscle loss rather than fat loss.

Overtime yo-yo dieting can have damaging side effects on your health that will make your body resistant to weight loss by disrupting your hormones and slowing your metabolism thus causing even more weight gain.

How can our holistic approach to Weight Loss with Oakville holistic nutritionist Maha Nasr help end your struggle?

Oakville holistic nutritionist and weight loss consultant, Maha Nasr, is passionate about empowering women achieve permanent weight loss results and having a body that reflects on the outside what they feel on the inside.

She uses a holistic approach to weight loss that is personalized to your needs and addresses all possible underlying nutritional, physical and emotional imbalances that can sabotage your weight loss efforts..

After assessment of your health, diet and lifestyle, Maha will put together a holistic nutrition plan that’s customized for your needs and that helps promote healthy and natural weight loss through cleansing your body, balancing your hormones and boosting metabolism. She calls it the “Cleanse.Balance. Boost” weight loss plan.

Oakville holistic nutritionist, Maha Nasr considers this much more than a weight loss program. It’s a whole lifestyle change that will help you naturally lose fat, build muscle and get healthier without ever feeling deprived or starved.

Healthy U Turn “Weight Loss” program is specifically designed by oakville Registered Holistic Nutritionist Maha Nasr to ensure natural weight loss in a healthy and safe way.

Our Weight loss program has been tried and tested by so many happy clients and is proven to provide a sustainable and practical weight loss solution that can help you feel good about yourself and easily maintain a healthy and fit body for the rest of your life.

For more info about Healthy U Turn Weight Loss Program, click here

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