If you are you a woman in your forties, fifties or beyond and feel unhappy with your weight and concerned about your health, please keep reading!

We have been helping women who are struggling with their weight, for over a decade.

Many of them have been dieting for years and are fed up with being on this roller coaster which usually leaves them feeling frustrated and depressed!

Most of our clients also combine dieting with working out. They beat themselves up in the gym or hire a personal trainer. And while this might seem like a good strategy to get fit, it does not usually translate to the weight loss results they are looking for.

If you can relate to the above, you probably have tried many weight loss programs/diets over the years, such as Weight Watchers, calorie counting, keto, fasting, etc. Maybe some of these diets worked better for you than others, but the problem has been that they’ve proven to be unsustainable on the long-term.

If you are looking for an effective and non-conventional weight loss solution that deals with the issues that keep you gaining the weight back and allows you to maintain a healthy and fit body for life without deprivation or struggle, you are in the right place.

Why most conventional weight loss programs/diets don’t work on the long term?

Weight loss is much more than a matter of will power, restricting calories or working out.  Simply because in most cases weight is not the main problem, but a reflection of other underlying health imbalances 

Possible health imbalances that need to be addressed for successful and long-term weight loss are:

  • Nutritional imbalances due to poor food choices and unhealthy eating habits.
  • Physical imbalances which might be caused by excess toxins in the body, hormonal imbalances, slow metabolism, digestive issues, food allergies, etc.
  • Emotional imbalances causing people to eat under stress and use food to sooth their uncomfortable feelings.

The problem with most popular weight loss programs/diets is that so many of the above factors are being ignored. And the weight loss process is being reduced to a number on the scale that you need to reach in order to achieve your goal.

Nobody talks about the difference between weight loss and fat loss, the root cause of your weight problem, the lifestyle you are living, the health conditions you might be suffering from, the medications you might be taking, the foods you might be sensitive to and most importantly your relationship to food and connecting to your body and understanding its needs.

The shocking truth about conventional diets is that most people on conventional weight loss diets fail and 95% regain all the weight back within three years.

  • Conventional weight loss diets are usually not personalized for your specific health needs and don’t take into account bio-individual or sex differences. 
  • Moreover most conventional diets are very restrictive and won’t educate you on healthy food choices and lifestyle habits or how to connect with your body and eat mindfully.
  • Most conventional diets are not genuinely concerned with your health and might encourage muscle loss rather than fat loss. They won’t address most of the  health imbalances underlying your weight issues.
  • Overtime yo-yo dieting can have damaging side effects on your health that will make your body resistant to weight loss by disrupting your hormones and slowing down your metabolism thus causing even more weight gain.

How can our holistic & mindful approach to Weight Loss with Oakville holistic nutritionist Maha Nasr help you?

Oakville holistic nutritionist and weight loss coach, Maha Nasr, is passionate about empowering women to get back in shape, befriend their bodies and stay healthy for life.

She adopts a holistic approach to weight loss that emphasizes the importance of cultivating mindful eating and lifestyle habits, and building a healthy relationship with food and with your body. 

Her program also takes into consideration that women’s bodies are different from men’s bodies. Their bodies are very much controlled by hormones which have a delicate regulation in the body and can be easily messed up by any kind of emotional, physical or mental stress. And given our fast paced lives, most women are under huge amounts of stress, which is messing up their hormones, depleting their bodies of nutrients and compromising their health.

Over her long years of practice as a weight loss coach, she found out that the main reason why many of the popular weight loss programs/ diets do not work for women on the long term, is that they  are not designed to support women’s bodies. Moreover they are usually deprivation diets which can cause more depletion and harm over time, especially without professional guidance.

After assessment of your health, diet and lifestyle, Maha will put together a holistic nutrition and lifestyle plan that’s customized for your needs. A  plan that addresses the underlying root cause(s) of the problem and helps in bringing back balance to your body.

Our Mindful Weight loss program has been tried and tested by so many happy clients and is proven to provide a sustainable and practical weight loss solution.  It’s a whole lifestyle makeover that will help you naturally lose fat, build muscle and get healthier, without ever feeling deprived or starved.  This allows you to feel comfortable in your body and easily maintain a healthy and fit body for good.

For more info about our Mindful Weight Loss program, click here

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