Are you?

  • Going through a big life change or difficult life situation and need a sense of direction and clarity about your next step?
  • Transitioning into a new career path and need help building more confidence or leadership presence?
  • Overwhelmed by too many responsibilities that leave you exhausted, emotionally depleted and disconnected from your intuition?
  • Feeling anxious even though you seem to have it all or something is missing in your life but not sure what to do about that?
  • Looking to enhance your relationships and bring more peace, harmony and joy to your life?
  • Ready to let go of old patterns that are keeping you stuck and take inspired action to live a more fulfilling life?

If you resonate with any of the above, Oakville Certified Life Coach, Maha Nasr can help you! Her unique transformational life coaching approach is designed to transform your whole being(body, mind and soul) and bring you inner peace, authentic confidence and true self-love..

Let Go Of Old Patterns, Discover Your True Self and Step Into Your Authentic Power!

If life is not going as you like and things are feeling stagnant, we can help you move forwards.

This is the best time for you to dig deeper into yourself and let go of your old baggage so you can make space for more lightness and newness in your life. When we let go of old patterns and unconscious self-limiting beliefs, we become more open to embrace our true self and step into our authentic power. This allows us to experience true confidence and inner peace and reach your big dreams in life with ease, love and joy.

Are YOU Ready to let go of :

  • Self-judgment, self criticism and self-doubt.
  • Self-sabotage, unworthiness and comparing yourself to others
  • Perfectionistic tendencies and the need to overwork yourself.
  • Compulsive over-doing, over-giving and over care-taking.
  • Self abandonment, people pleasing and hiding behind false masks.
  • Minimizing your needs, making yourself small or playing small.
  • Under-valuing your accomplishments.
  • Repressing your emotions and not speaking your truth.

Is it time for you to:

  • Feel truly satisfied with all of who you are.
  • Cultivate unconditional self love and compassion.
  • Listen to your body and make peace between your head and heart.
  • Ask for what you need and make self-care a priority.
  • Slow down and take time for yourself to just be.
  • Feel confident to take up space, speak your truth and play big.
  • Embody your unique gifts and celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Open yourself up to receive more joy and abundance.

How Can Our Oakville Transformational Life Coaching Empower YOU?

Transformational life coaching with Oakville Certified Life Coach Maha Nasr, is intended to take you on a transformative inner journey of self-discovery that will empower you to pursue your goals from a place of true confidence, inner peace and authentic self-love. Maha will lovingly support you to step into your inner power and pursue your goals with greater peace, authentic confidence and true self-love. 

Her integrated approach weaves together a range of holistic coaching tools that blend the wisdom of the West and East. Her unique holistic approach is intended to transform your whole being: body, mind & soul. It will help you to transform your thoughts, emotions and behaviors and let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. This will empower you to respond to life’s challenges with confidence and emotional resilience. It will also enhance your relationships and brings more meaning to your life.

 In her “Embodied Transformation package”, she will help you to reconnect to your body, clear you mind, tune into your intuitive guidance and open your heart thus bringing balance between your body, mind and soul. This balance will help you to transform your whole being, embody your authentic self and rebirth yourself into a life you love.

For more info about our "Embodied Transformation Package", click here

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Embark on a Journey of Self-Empowerment, Self-Discovery and Self-Love!

Transform Your Whole Being and Rebirth Yourself Into A Life You Love!