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Are you experiencing some sort of chronic pain? Do you regularly take over the counter drugs to control pain? Are you worried that you might be overloading your body with anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers?

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic pain that can rob patients from their lives. This includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and psoriatic arthritis. Other causes of chronic pain include random joint pains, muscle pain/spasms, rheumatic pains, back pain and migraines.

Pain is a sign of inflammation which is a common factor in so many chronic health conditions. It is usually a sign of over-toxicity and an underlying factor in almost all chronic diseases nowadays including heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Inflammation can be caused by trauma, infections, allergies, stress, chemicals in food, air and skin products.

Toxins produce an inflammatory response in the body which produces certain chemicals called cytokines. These cytokines trigger pain in the body as part of the inflammatory response which includes increased blood supply to the area and swelling.

As an Oakville nutritionist, I tell my clients that drugs and medications offer only a temporary solution and will not address the underlying cause of your pain. So if you feel it’s time to take control and stop the pain once and for all in order to  have some peace in your life, try out my 3 proven strategies for natural pain management.

3 Proven Strategies for Natural Pain Management


Cleansing your body of toxins is the first and most important step to reduce inflammation, prevent degeneration and support your body’s natural defense mechanism. Toxic waste could directly or indirectly be responsible for the health disorder or medical condition you have. In my nutrition practice I find that once the pain is eliminated, I can then focus on natural remedies to address the cause of the disorder. .

2-Natural Remedies

There is a wide range of herbs and natural supplements that can help in reducing pain. These are natural alternatives to pain medications and include anti-inflammatory herbs, analgesic herbs and repair/regenerative supplements.  The following herbs are recognized as effective anti-inflammatory remedies: black currant, boswellia, stinging nettle and turmeric. They can provide sufficient pain relief over the short term, but the pain will return if the underlying cause of inflammation is not addressed. These remedies are generally safe, however side effects can occur if you use higher doses than recommended, take in wrong combinations or are allergic to any of the components. Quality is also an important point to remember before considering any natural remedies, since it’s critical to obtain pain relief. Consult a natural health practitioner for best suppliers and brands of natural remedies.


Sleep is essential for the body to detoxify, regenerate and heal. Furthermore staying up late can cause toxins to back up into the liver, whereas the hours before midnight are most beneficial for healing. Good quality sleep is also crucial for stress reduction, hormonal balance and melatonin production. Melatonin is not only essential as a sleep regulator but it is also a potent antioxidant that reduces inflammation. Chronic pain sufferers will usually notice that severe pain that prevents them from sleep will aggravate their condition. They can then enter into a vicious cycle of poor sleep that causes more pain which in turn interferes with sleep.

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Maha Nasr

Maha Nasr, MD (Egy.), PhD, C.H.N.C.-founder and owner of Healthy U Turn-is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and weight loss coach with a strong medical background. In 2016, she was nominated for the first annual holistic nutrition award – “Trail Blazer Award” – for exceptional work in the holistic nutrition industry within Canada. Maha is passionate about empowering women 40+ who struggle with resistant weight loss and underlying hormonal and/or digestive imbalances to get back in shape and reclaim their health naturally without deprivation or struggle. She strives to help them ditch the diet and embrace a natural lifestyle that allows them to stay healthy and fit for life, feel more confident about their bodies and at peace with their health. Find out more about her approach and how she can help at

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