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Check out our specialized holistic nutrition packages by Oakville nutritionist and certified cancer coach, Maha Nasr.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

If you are done with conventional diets and are looking for a long term, natural and healthy weight loss solution, look no further. Oakville nutritionist and weight loss consultant, Maha Nasr has the perfect weight loss program just for you.

We can help you take back control over your diet and lifestyle, feel good about yourself and achieve permanent weight loss results.

Our Oakville “Weight Loss” program  is designed by registered holistic nutritionist Maha Nasr, focuses on embracing healthy eating and lifestyle habits for long-term results. It provides a sustainable and practical weight loss plan that gets to the root cause of the problem allowing you to easily maintain a healthy and fit body, without deprivation or struggle.

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Restore Digestive Health

The “Nutri-Wellness” package will help to restore digestive health and improve overall health. Our Oakville holistic nutritionist uses a 5 step proven system that gets to the root cause of the problem not only covers symptoms.

This is the right package for you if you struggle withdigestive health issues such as IBS, nausea, gastritis, stomach ulcers, colitis, constipation, gas, bloating, fatty liverfood allergies/sensitivities, joint pains/arthritisautoimmune conditionsrecurrent migraines or headaches, sinus problems, asthma and skin problems.

By the end of this package you will discover the ideal diet that works with your body to maintain long-term vibrant health.

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Eliminate Chronic Fatigue and Increase Energy

Low energy or chronic fatigue is a vague symptom that can have many underlying root causes and functional imbalances.These include nutrient deficiencies, unhealthy lifestyle habits, high stress including physical, mental or emotional stress, hormonal imbalance, and cellular dysfunction.

The goal of our “Nutri-Balance” program is to help you restore and maintain optimal energy levels by addressing the root cause(s) of the problem and bringing back balance into your system.

With this targeted and customized holistic health plan, you can expect to experience higher energy levels, improved tolerance to stressa happier mood, deeper sleep and effortless fat loss.

This is the right package for you if you struggle withChronic fatigue, hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction  (aka adrenal fatigue), Frequent strong cravings to sweet, salty or fatty foods, Low thyroid function or sluggish thyroid, FibromyalgiaPoor sleep or insomnia, Low libido, Mood swings, anxiety or mild depression, Forgetfulness, lack of concentration or fogginessPMS symptoms (such as menstrual cramps, swollen tender breasts, bloating, migraine, irritability), Peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms such as breast cysts , Fibrocystic breast disease, menstrual irregularities, hot flashes, night sweats, unexplained weight gain, Bone loss or low bone density (osteoporosis).

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Fight Cancer Naturally

Cancer is a challenging time when you first get diagnosed. We are here to provide sincere guidance and support in your healing journey, and help you improve your treatment outcome and maximize your chances to beat cancer.

Oakville nutritionist and certified cancer coach in Oakville, Maha Nasr is professionally trained to support cancer patients as well as high risk individuals who wish to prevent cancer, using a personalized holistic wellness plan.

In her “Holistic Cancer Support” programs she uses a science-based 5 step holistic approach that helps to nourish and detoxify the body and rebuild the immune system.

Her holistic approach focuses on correcting body imbalances and nutritional deficiencies as well as unhealthy lifestyle habits and is personalized for each client individually.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen the immune system, boost the effect of conventional therapies while reducing their side effects and prevent recurrence.

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Nutritional Counselling

Oakville nutritionist, Maha Nasr offers holistic nutritional counselling for a variety of chronic health issues with a special focus on: digestive health issues, allergies, food allergies and intolerance, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, blood sugar issues and female hormonal imbalances.

Clarity Session

This Clarity Session will provide you with valuable and honest information about your situation so you can make the right choices. This might be a real eye-opener for you.

It will help you identify your health challenges as well as gain clarity about possible imbalances underlying your health issues  so that you can take the best next step towards your goals.

During this session we will we will discuss your major health concerns and goals and generally evaluate your diet, lifestyle and health. We will then suggest the package that is best suited for your health goals and answer any questions.

This Clarity session is a first step and your investment will go towards any of our packages (if you decide we are a good fit).

Nutri-Essentials Package

This package is ideal if you want to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and don’t know where to start, considering a vegetarian or vegan diet, are feeling confused by the health information you get from the media, want to know what are the best foods for your age, sex and lifestyle, have minor health issues such as anemia or iron deficiency and looking for a short term plan to restore your vitality.

You will gain clarity about your nutritional needs and get a personalized nutrition plan designed just for you by Oakville nutritionist, Maha Nasr to meet your health goals and lifestyle.

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About Our Oakville Holistic Nutrition Services

Insurance coverage


Canadian residents of Ontario and Alberta can claim coverage of nutrition services by nutritionists who are members of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC).

Please call  your insurance provider and  ask about coverage of nutritional counselling by a RHN or ROHP/RNCP. Our RHN  number is N533012 and ROHP/RNCP number is OM18-014.

If you are current health plan does not cover nutritional counselling by a holistic nutritionist, please contact your employer to request coverage!

Certain Oakville holistic nutrition services such as cancer coaching might be recognized by Canada Revenue Agency and can be claimed with your end of the year income tax return.

Payment Policy

We accept payment by cash, cheque or an e transfer. If money is an issue, we offer payment plans for most services.


All our Oakville holistic nutrition services are available by appointment only. Please contact us by phone or email to book your appointment.

We require a 48 hour notice for re-scheduling or cancellation of an appointment. Late cancellations will be charged a cancellation fee. Thanks for your understanding!


You can visit us at our convenient location in Oakville, Ontario, for in person sessions with Oakville registered holistic nutritionist and certified cancer coach, Maha Nasr.

We are conveniently located on the North Service Road West between the 3rd and 4th Line with excellent QEW exposure in Oakville and a short commute from Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and Brampton. Free parking is available at all times.



Need more clarity or not sure about the next step?

Book a Clarity Session with Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Cancer Coach, Maha Nasr to discuss your health issues & how we can help turn them around!