5 Quick Holiday Tips by an Oakville Nutritionist

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Preparing for the holidays is usually a busy time for most people. The holiday season is a chance to connect with friends and family and spend good times enjoying the company of your loved ones. But with food being an important part of any gathering or celebration, it can be a challenge for those who want to stay healthy and fit. So I thought you might like these quick holiday tips by an Oakville nutritionist for making your holidays healthier and happier.

5 Quick Holiday Tips by an Oakville Nutritionist for Healthier Holidays

With the holidays already here, it’s always helpful to keep in mind a few quick tips from your Oakville nutritionist to make our holidays healthier.

1-Set Your Intention
Take a moment to sit with yourself and set the intention to have a healthy holiday this year. Setting your intention is very important as it will be your guide in making all the small daily decisions.

2-Be Prepared
Make sure to shop for healthy snacks and beverages as well as have the ingredients for a few healthy recipes at hand. This will help you create healthier meals and stay in control. You can also think of other fun activities you can enjoy with your family and friends that can bring more joy into your gatherings and shift the focus from food being the only enjoyment.

3-Offer to Bring A Dish
If you are invited to a party, make sure to offer to bring one of your favorite healthy dishes.This way you are both being helpful as well as making sure that you have a healthy option to eat if you there aren’t enough healthy options on the menu.

4-Ask Yourself This Question
Before buying any food or putting it in your mouth, ask yourself this question: Is this something that will help me or harm me? Bring back your intention and see if your decision is  in alignment with your intention or not.

5-Make Up for Any Indulgence
If for any reason, you indulged in eating something that is not good for you, don’t let the feelings of guilt or frustration get to you. Simply let it go, renew your intention and make up for any harm done by having a detoxifying herbal tea, green juice or smoothie in the next meal.

Greetings from your Oakville nutritionist and wishing you the happiest and healthiest holidays ever this year.

Back to You

What is your intention for the holidays this year? Which of the above tips resonated with you? Feel free to share your experiences and intentions in the comments below.

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