Top 10 Tips for Better Digestion

By October 26, 2012Digestive Health

As a nutritionist in Oakville, I see so many clients suffering from digestive problems. Usually they are feeling low on energy, bloated and depressed most of the time and in most of the cases they can not relate this to their digestion.

The truth is you are what you eat or to be more accurate what you absorb. It is important to digest your food properly to be able to absorb all the nutrients from your food. Even if you are eating the healthiest and best quality food, with a poorly functioning digestive system your body will suffer from many nutrient deficiencies. If you suffer from chronic indigestion and constipation, this could be affecting your health far beyond than you can imagine.

There are many factors that can affect digestion. These include the type and quality of foods and beverages you choose to eat or drink and how, when and where you eat them. Also stress, aging and too much junk food contribute to poor digestion.

Here are the top 1o tips for better digestion from an Oakville Nutritionist:

1. Set aside a special time and place for meals. Try to eat in a harmonious environment.
2. Eat only when you are hungry.
3.Eat smaller more frequent meals.
4. Chew your food properly -digestion begins with digestive enzymes in saliva plus it breaks down food allowing the stomach and pancreas to perform properly.
5. Eat dinner early in the evening-preferably before six pm.
6. Limit the amount of liquid taken with meals. Too much liquid can dilute digestive juices.
7. Drink plenty of pure water in between meals to promote digestion, regularity and elimination of toxins.
8. Add apple cider vinegar to your salad to help boost your stomach acid.
9. Try adding herbal teas such as ginger and peppermint and spices such as cumin and coriander to your diet.
10.Eat fruit alone. Best eaten on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before other foods and not for 3 hours after other meals.

If you experience digestive problems such as gas, bloating, heart burn or burping, give these tips a try. If you still need more help or have been struggling with a digestive health issue such as heart burn, bloating, colitis or irritable bowel disease, there are other effective and safe natural solutions that a qualified nutritionist can help you with.

A nutritionist-tailored program that includes diet changes, natural supplements and lifestyle changes can effectively reverse your symptoms and helps you to enjoy your food again.

For more information about how we can help you, Call 416 876 4634 or sign up for Clarity Session with Oakville nutritionist Dr Maha Nasr.

Maha Nasr

About Maha Nasr

Maha Nasr, MD (Egy.), PhD, R.H.N., CPCC-founder and owner of Healthy U Turn-is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a strong medical background. In 2016, she was nominated for the first annual holistic nutrition award – “Trail Blazer Award” – for exceptional work in the holistic nutrition industry within Canada. Maha is passionate about empowering highly-driven and successful women who struggle with resistant weight loss and underlying hormonal or digestive imbalances . She helps them to eat the right way for their specific needs, so that they can finally overcome their challenges and effortlessly maintain a healthy and fit body for life, without deprivation or struggle. Find out more about her approach and how she can help at

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