How to incorporate super foods in your diet? Part 2

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In Super Foods-Part 1, we got to know that super foods are natural nutrient dense foods that are superior sources of nutrients and antioxidants. Our stressful life, pollution and low quality food due to soil depletion make super foods an intelligent choice to make for every one of us. Today I will narrow down the different super food categories and show you some ways to intelligently incorporate them in your diet.

Super foods can be further categorized into:

1-Green Super Foods as wheat grass, barley grass, wild blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella, green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale parsley, watercress, romaine lettuce, endive, broccoli sprouts)

2-Fruit and Nut Super foods as gojji berries, raw cacao, maca, coconuts, coconut oil and noni

3-Bee Super Foods as raw honey,royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis

4-Seaweed Super Foods as nori (in sushi rolls), kelp (powder or capsules), dulse (flake seasoning), wakame (has a sweet flavor), kombu (strips)

5-Herb Super Foods as nettle, ginger, turmeric, aloe vera, echinacea and ginseng

Green Super Foods

Green super foods contain a wide array of beneficial substances including proteins, phytochemicals and healthy bacteria that protect you against disease and illness. They are also extremely rich in chlorophyll-the pigment that gives plants their green color. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is similar to that of human blood and studies show that when this is consumed, the production of hemoglobin in the blood is increased. This means more oxygen-rich blood, the most important element that cells need to thrive.

Fruit and Nut Super foods

Fruit and nut super foods are high in antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause damage to our body cells. They are produced naturally from metabolism however extra load can be put on our bodies from smoking, pollution, radiation, deep fried fats and burnt foods. We need enough antioxidants to build up our immune system and fight off free radicals.

Bee Super Foods

Raw honey means honey that has not been heated or filtered. It will usually granulate and crystallize to a margarine-like consistency after a month or two. Raw, unprocessed honey is a superfood that provides antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, and phytonutrients. Generally darker honey has higher antioxidant content level. Raw honey is used by many cultures as a remedy for wounds, burns, skin ulcers, digestion, bronchitis, sore throat, and cough.

Royal Jelly is a powerhouse of nutrients containing every nutrient necessary to support life. It is the world’s richest source of pantothenic acid (also known as Vitamin B5), which is known to combat stress, fatigue and insomnia and is a vital nutrient for healthy skin and hair.

Bee pollen is the most complete food found in nature and has five to seven times more protein than beef. It is especially beneficial for the extra nutritional and energy needs of athletes and those recovering from illness. It is a natural antidote for fighting allergies particularly hay fever and sinusitis.

Propolis has powerful antibiotic properties of that can help protect humans from bacteria and viruses and can strengthen our immune system. Research shows that taking propolis during the high risk ‘cold and flu’ season reduces colds, coughing and inflammation of the mouth, tonsils and throat.

Seaweed Super Foods

Seaweeds are the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet as they have access to all the nutrients in the ocean. They can build up to 10 times more calcium than milk and 8 times as much as beef. The chemical composition of seaweed is so close to human blood plasma so perhaps their greatest benefit is purifying our blood system. They help to alkalize our blood neutralizing the over acid effects of our modern diet and protect us from toxic elements including heavy metals, pollutants and radiation.

One of the most remarkable results of seaweeds is boosting weight loss. The high concentration of iodine helps to stimulate the thyroid gland so that food fuels are used before they can be turned into fatty deposits. At the same time, minerals act like electrolytes to break the chemical bond that seals the fat cells allowing trapped wastes to escape.


Herbs can nourish the body with nutrients as well as act as medicines that help regulation of body function and healing. Herbs are best used in their whole forms rather than isolating active ingredients. It is wise to use different herbs that affect different body parts since most disease symptoms are interrelated.

Recipes to help you incorporate super foods in your diet?

Here are some easy and tasty ways by holistic nutritionist in Oakville , Dr Nasr to help you incorporate as much super foods as you can in your daily diet.

Super Healthy Smoothie

Blend together ½ cup green leaves (as spinach, kale, lettuce), ¼ cup of your favorite fruits (berries, pineapple, bananas), ½ a squeezed lemon, 1 tsp bee pollen, 1 tsp maca powder, 1tbsp soaked gojji berries, 1 tbsp green powder (wheat grass, barley grass or spirulina), 1 tbsp aloe vera juice, I tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp hemp hearts, 1tbsp ground flaxseeds, 1 tbsp raw honey and add coconut milk to cover.

Benefits: This super healthy smoothie is a very good start for your day and will keep you energized for at least 2-3 hours. You can also be assured that your body cells have all the essential nutrients for energy production, building and cleansing.

Tip: To save time, you can combine all dry ingredients (in the same ratios) to provide a one week supply in a container and keep it in your fridge.

Healing herbal teas

Honey ginger tea: steep some chopped fresh ginger in hot water and sweeten with raw honey. Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory which is great for chronic inflammtions as arthritis and asthma

Nettle tea: nettle is a general tonic and is rich in iron and it can also help with allergies

Dandelion tea: dandelion stimulates bile secretion supporting the liver and it has also diuretic effects that helps get rid of water retention.

Ginseng tea: panax ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that supports your adrenals and helps you adapt with stress.

Beautifying salad

Enrich your green salad by adding green sprouts as broccoli sprouts and gojji berries and sprinkling dulse salt, ground flaxseeds and herbs as rosemary and turmeric.

Thirst quenching sports drink

Coconut water is a great, natural, sports drink rich in all minerals needed by the body to compensate for salts lost in sweat. It has very few calories and tastes great.

Make sure you choose natural varieties that have no preservatives.

Magical coconut oil

Use coconut oil in cooking and baking. You can also apply it to your skin and hair.

Benifits: It is easily digested and metabolized by the body to provide energy so it is not stored as fat. It stimulates metabolism so it can be helpful to lose weight. It has also antimicrobial, moisturizing and exfoliating properties.

Happy hot chocolate

Add 2/3 cup of hot water to 1 tbsp of raw organic cacao and 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon, then add 1/3 cup of almond milk. Sweeten with raw honey or coconut sugar. Enjoy!

Benifits: raw cacao is rich in muscle relaxing magnesium and other minerals as iron. It has an antioxidant (ORAC) score of 95,500. which is 21 times more flavonoids than green tea.

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