Results-oriented personalized holistic nutrition packages specifically designed by Oakville nutritionist, Maha Nasr to meet your health goals.

What’s our Goal?

We strive to show you exactly how to take back control over your diet and lifestyle and reach your health goals without deprivation or struggle.

Our Oakville nutritionist will dig deep into the root cause of your health issues and provide you with a targeted plan that will remarkably reduce or eliminate your symptoms and support long-term vibrant health.

How to get started?

  1. Book a Clarity Session: Call or email us to book your Clarity session and discuss preparations for your session.
  2. Choose your package: Based on our clarity session’ evaluationwe will suggest the next step you need to take and help you choose the best package for your goals and current situation.
  3. Get started with your package: If we decide we are a good fit, you can sign up for your package right away and you will be provided with  preparation info for our next session.

Clarity Session

This Clarity Session will provide you with valuable and honest information about your situation so you can make the right choices. This might be a real eye-opener for you.

It will help you identify your health challenges as well as gain clarity about possible imbalances underlying your health issues  so that you can take the best next step towards your goals.

During this session we will we will discuss your major health concerns and goals and generally evaluate your diet, lifestyle and health. We will then  suggest the package that is best suited for your health goals and answer any questions.

If you choose to sign up for any of our packages, your investment in this Clarity Session will go towards this package.



Clarity SessionMost Popular

$ 99

Single Session (in person or over the phone)
  • 1 X 45 minute one on one session- to discuss your health goals and concerns and possible underlying imbalances.


YOUR PRICE:  $197 $ 147 (including tax) 

We have Limited Spots!

*This Clarity Session is a first step and  your investment will go towards any of our packages.

Nutri-Essentials Package

This package is ideal if you want to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and don’t know where to start, considering a vegetarian or vegan diet, are feeling confused by the health information you get from the media, want to know what are the best foods for your age, sex and lifestyle, have minor health issues such as anemia or iron deficiency and looking for a short term plan to restore your vitality.

You will gain clarity about your nutritional needs and get a personalized nutrition plan designed just for you by Oakville nutritionist, Maha Nasr to meet your health goals and lifestyle.

What You will Get in the Nutri-Essentials Package

Analysis of your nutrient intake, general health and lifestyle so that you can gain clarity about your nutritional status and help us to customize your plan accordingly.
Personalized lifestyle recommendations to establish healthy lifestyle habits that support long-term results.
Personalized diet guidelines, nutritional recommendations and top super-foods to help you meet your health goals and support optimal health.
BONUS: Customized 7 day meal Plan with recipes that you can put together quickly and get started right away with your diet plan.

BONUS:  Helpful handouts and resources for extra guidance, support and

Personalized supplement recommendations (with brand names) to boost your diet plan and accelerate results.
BONUS:  Functional lab work review of you most recent lab work  (routine blood work and chemistry) as well as any other medical records of relevance. This will provide a more in depth  health evaluation and improve results.

Nutri-Essentials Package OutlineBest Value

$ 447

About 4-6 weeks in duration.
    • 1 X 60 minute Initial Consultation- for assessment and to discuss your health goals and concerns so that we can customize your plan. ($250)
    • 1 x 60 minute Coaching Session- to discuss your evaluation and how to implement the recommended changes in a way that suits your own lifestyle. ($175)
    • 1 x 60 minute Follow Up Session-to track your progress, tweak your plan and discuss next steps. ($175)
    • BONUS: Customized 4-Day Meal Plan with Recipes- so that you can get started right away. ($150)
    • BONUS: Functional Lab Work Reviewto help you get a clear picture of what’s going on in your body ($175)
    • BONUS: Helpful Resources- for extra guidance and support. ($25)
    • BONUS: Food Diary Review-to provide feedback about your eating habits ensuring better implementation of your diet plan.($25)


YOUR PRICE:  $975+tax $497+tax

Transform Your Health For Good

Take Control Of Your Diet & Embrace a Natural Lifestyle

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Clients are amazed at the results they get and say remarkable things about the impact Maha’s work has on their health and their lives.

I was struggling with out-of-control sugar cravings, and very bad eating habits. These habits caused me constant nausea and digestive disturbances, as well as brain fog. I felt angry with myself at not being able to better take care of my health and dietary choices. It affected my self-esteem, and I did not like the way my body was beginning to look.

After following Maha's program, I started noticing improvements immediately. I was surprised by how well I could feel, and also by how easy and natural the transformation was. I was also incredibly helped by Maha's constant availability and support, if I needed it.

Today I am thrilled with my changed eating habits. I feel good about what I put into my body. I have more energy than I have ever felt before. I just feel good. I don't have dips, ups and downs from sugar crashes and highs, and my digestion is much better.

It has been a change in my life physically, emotionally, spiritually...the changes Maha helped me to make have affected me on a deep level that I cannot even begin to explain.

I would strongly recommend Maha to anyone who is struggling with any medical issue, or who simply wishes to return to a state of healthier, whole food living. Maha is intuitive, and brilliant at what she does. She made what seemed to be an impossibly difficult turn around easy, organic, effortless and appealing.

Devorah F., Toronto

I decided to see Maha after I had been diagnosed with advanced adrenal fatigue following a severe adverse reaction to a medication. Although I considered myself a ‘healthy eater’ I was having trouble sorting through all the contradictory information I could find about my condition. I was very frustrated with my symptoms and determined to do all I could to regain the functionality that I had lost.

After following Maha’s protocol for approximately two weeks I noticed an increase in energy and mental alertness as my ‘brain fog’ lifted. My energy improved considerably and I started developing habits to help me avoid blood sugar crashes which has been very liberating. I was struck at how early on I felt better and I feel confident now that I am properly nourishing my body so that it can recover fully.

I will continue to seek Maha’s help as I continue on my journey to wellness and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a highly qualified professional who understands the needs of complex patients and truly believes in the innate healing power of food.

Kristen K., Toronto

I have been on the path of healthy eating for a long while now & through different approaches before seeing Maha,I had managed to get some positive results, but I knew I was not yet at the optimum health I was desperately looking for. That's why I went to see Maha.

I was struggling with persistent migraines, constipation, low energy and fatigue and I wanted to find the right way to get the right nutrients according to my personal physical needs. I also had sweet and salt cravings.

Maha is a sweet professional lady, who has helped me through her knowledge of holistic nutrition, reach better health results. All my symptoms are much better and I am very happy with the results.

I would strongly recommend Maha to anyone who is in need of professional guidance through holistic nutrition for better health.

Kathy D., Toronto