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Meet the Oakville Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Maha Nasr who will help you make a natural transition to the healthy and fit body you want!

In a Nutshell

Maha Nasr-founder and owner of Healthy U Turn- is an Oakville-based Registered Holistic Nutritionist and weight loss consultant with a strong medical background.

She ties up her combined medical and holistic expertise of over 25 years with her personal experience to provide her clients with a unique and effective health-care formula.

Graduating with honors and as Valedictorian of her class, Maha received the “Award of Excellence” from CSNN, Toronto. In 2016, she was also nominated for the first annual holistic nutrition award “Trail Blazer Award” by CSNN Alumni Association in Toronto for exceptional work in the holistic nutrition industry within Canada.

Maha truly believes in the healing power of whole-foods, natural herbs and mind-body practices. She focuses on addressing the root cause of the problem and providing a holistic and personalized health plan that helps her clients effortlessly reach their goals and maintain their results long-term.

Carefully listening to and understanding her clients is usually the first step to help her design personalized wellness plans that effectively target the root cause of the problem, not only suppress symptoms.

She’s on a mission to help health-conscious women struggling with stubborn overweight and underlying hormonal or digestive imbalances, naturally lose the extra pounds and maintain a healthy and fit body for life without deprivation or struggle.

If you are ready to embrace a new lifestyle that helps you to get into your best shape and improve your health in the process, you are in the right place!

Health is a choice, and when you choose the path of natural health and wellness, I will be honored to gently guide you in your unique path and empower you to take full charge of your own health, so that you can finally shed those stubborn extra pounds and look and feel your best. I promise you that it will be an interesting and rewarding journey that will transform your body and your whole health for good!

Maha Nasr


As a registered holistic nutritionist (R.H.N.) and weight loss consultant in Oakville, Maha is dedicated to helping highly driven women who struggle to lose weight and are tired of dieting all the time.

They are committed to their health but have little time to take care of their bodies because of their busy and highly stressful lifestyle.

They feel heavy and tired most of the time and know that their health is suffering because of this.

They are done with dieting and are looking for a permanent solution to lose weight and improve their health naturally. 


Maha specializes in functional nutrition and embraces a holistic mind, body, spirit approach that gets to the root cause of the problem not only suppresses symptoms. This is a very effective and safe approach that helps her clients get results in a short period of time and maintain them for life.

Her unique holistic approach is based on a natural whole foods diet that nourishes your body with the essential nutrients it needs as well as provides therapeutic phyto-chemicals from a variety of super foods and medicinal herbs.

She will also probably recommend specific natural food supplements as needed to correct nutritional deficiencies, support detoxification and possibly mitigate the side effects of any pharmaceutical drugs you might be taking.

Her nutrition plans are customized for your specific health needs and lifestyle because she believes in biochemical individuality and that there is no single ideal diet that fits all.

Her unique wellness formula also includes healthy lifestyle tips, energy-balancing exercises and mind-body practices that compliment your nutrition plan and help you achieve total physical, mental and emotional well-being.

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.



Driven by a deep natural passion to help others and supported by her loving parents who were both in the medical field, Maha chose a career in medicine and definitely excelled in it.

However, after many years of medical practice, she didn’t feel really fulfilled with her work and came to realize that conventional medicine offered only symptomatic treatment for most chronic health problems and it might not be the best way to real health and wellness.

Maha had a strong belief in natural healing since her early childhood which was inspired by her late grandmother’s amazing natural recipes and her health-conscious family. Later in her path, her personal health challenges have led her to dig deeper into the field of natural healing and nutrition.

At one time in her life she remembers lying on the caoch in her living room watching TV and feeling tired, low in energy, foggy, bloated and depressed because of her allergies, digestive issues and migraines. Her eating habits were poor, her sleep was little and she was dependent on coffee to wake her up in the morning.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine offered only temporary fixes which didn’t help much and came with side effects.

Each of us does create an impact by how we act, and in the sum of our actions will be written the story of our time.

John Robbins

It was a turning point in her life when she decided to follow her passion and go back to school to pursue studies in holistic nutrition. Shortly after graduating with honors and as Valedictorian of her class, from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Toronto, she started her own holistic nutrition practice ”Healthy U Turn”.

Looking back, and despite of any sufferings, she now feels so grateful for her personal health struggle and believes it was a  blessing in disguise, because it opened the door for her to a new world of natural healing which was meant to totally change her attitude towards health and her whole life for good.

Using a holistic nutrition approach, she was able to have a healthier relationship with food, embrace a natural diet and lifestyle, successfully turn around all her chronic health issues and regain her health and zest for life.

Today, her combined medical and holistic nutrition expertise are tied up with her personal health experience to provide her clients with a very unique formula for long-lasting health and wellness.

We cannot solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


Maha deeply believes that her real mission and life purpose is to make a difference in women’s lives and help them live their life to the fullest. She empowers women to embrace a natural diet and lifestyle that allow them to reclaim their health and finally feel confident in a body that reflects their inner beauty.

Healing bodies can heal hearts and once hearts heal we can heal the world.



Maha is so passionate about her Oakville-based holistic nutrition practice which allows her to witness real  transformations in her clients’ lives. She finds great joy in celebrating her clients’ successes and breakthroughs.

She never ceases to be amazed by the power of real food that allows her clients to experience remarkable health transformations in a very short time and the impact of this on their lives and relationships.

Maha takes full pride in her current work as a holistic nutritionist, weight loss consultant and she stresses that she is no longer practicing as a physician and does not diagnose or treat diseases or prescribe medications.

The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease.

Thomas Edison


Maha believes that  given the growing scientific recognition of the major role of nutrition and other lifestyle factors implicated in chronic disease and healing, the future is for a functional medical approach that views the patient as a whole and treats root cause imbalances rather than the symptoms.

She dreams of an integrative health care system in which medical doctors work hand in hand with holistic health practitioners in order to provide patients with real long-term solutions for their health problems.

6 things about Maha that might surprise and delight you while working with her

As a busy working mom, she appreciates a warm home-prepared meal. And when it comes to cooking, her moto is: “Easy, Wholesome and Well-Seasoned” is best.

She enjoys her weekly trip to the health food store, but she ends up spending a lot of time there because she reads the ingredients on all food items!

When it comes to health and wellness, her curious mind loves sitting for hours and getting nerdy about a subject to understand it fully.

As an intuitive and highly sensitive person, she can easily tap into her clients’ perspective and understand their needs. This helps her to offer them more personalized and genuine advice.

When she needs a quick pick me up, her go to natural soothers are: green plants, a walk by the lake, a good cup of mint tea, meditation, colorful gemstones and citrus essential oils.

A client fitting into her old “little black dress” or normalizing her lab test results and thus avoiding life-long medications are just a few of the best things that bring her joy in her work!


You can feel confident engaging holistic nutritionist Maha Nasr to guide you to achieve your health goals.

Over the years her expertise has been honored with remarkable and notable accolades including:

Diploma of Natural Nutrition

Honours and Award of Excellence with Highest grade in Class, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN), Toronto.

Doctorate degree (PhD) in Oncological Medicine

National Cancer Institute, Cairo University.

Masters (MSC) degree in Laboratory Medicine

Honours, Cairo University

Bachelor of Medicine (MBBCH)

Honours, Cairo University


Spiritual Healing and Energy Transfer

Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training, Toronto, Canada.

Energy Medicine

Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Healing, Toronto, Canada.

Body Talk Access Basics

International Body Talk Association, Toronto, Canada.

Medicinal Plants and Herbs

“Herbs and Essential Oils for Protecting the Mind, Body and Spirit” with master herbalist, David Crow.


“Advanced Aromatherapy” training with master herbalist, David Crow.

The Human Microbiome: Clinical Protocols and Integrative Therapeutics

A workshop by Dr Nigel Plummer, Toronto, ON, Canada.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Clients are amazed at the results they get and say remarkable things about the impact Maha’s work had on their health and their lives.

One of many things that surprised me when I lost a modest 13 lbs. on Maha’s program was how I dropped from a size 10 pants to a size 6 pants! And my blouse size went from “large” to “small!” This was totally unexpected.
I lost more than toxins, imbalances, and inches of puffiness throughout my entire body. I also lost old behavioral patterns around food selection, food preparation and how I engaged with food throughout my day. My eating habits are consistent and gentle to my body. My brain is sharper. I no longer have frequent heartburn, and I no longer dread preparing meals, because they are now an act of love.
Her nurturing abilities along with her practical and attentive direction has transformed my food attitude from overwhelmed to cool-headed!

Pamela L.

I tried all the diets on the market: keto, Weight Watchers, fasting, counting calories, but I would always lose weight fast at first, then it would stop and I give up and gain even more pounds. When I met Maha, I was doubtful and losing weight felt like the hardest thing to do. Her customized plan took into consideration my IBS sensitivities. I was never hungry. My energy was high, my sleep got much better, my skin was glowing and my digestion improved. I lost 15 pounds in two and a half months, my size went down from size 8 to size 4 and I finally got rid of the belly fat and love handles!
The good thing was that I didn’t need to exercise much during the plan. And the food recipes were tasty, unlike all the previous diets when I had to eat boiled chicken and lettuce!
Thank you Maha! I am very grateful for your help!

Kathy M., Toronto

After trying several diets for weight loss, Dr Maha's approach was the best for my needs. Her program only helped me to lose weight but also finally I got rid of my stubborn allergy. Thank you Dr Maha for showing me the way, you're the best!

Aida L., Toronto

I lost 20 pounds, I’m happier and I've just started a new job. I got over my sugar cravings and changed into a healthier lifestyle which I really enjoy. Dr Maha’s weight loss program has totally transformed my life and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for losing weight in a healthy way.

A.H., Calgary

After following Dr Nasr’s program,I was surprised by how well I could feel, and also by how easy and natural the transformation was. Today I am thrilled with my changed eating habits. I feel good about what I put into my body, I have more energy than I’ve ever felt before and my digestion is much better. Dr Nasr is intuitive, and brilliant at what she does. She made what seemed to be an impossibly difficult turn around easy, organic, effortless and appealing. I cannot recommend Dr Nasr enough, for her warmth, generosity, and the amazing results that I know she will make in your life and in your health."

Devorah F, Toronto

I was struck at how early on I felt better and I feel confident now that I am properly nourishing my body. I would highly recommend Dr Nasr to anyone seeking a highly qualified professional who understands the needs of complex patients and truly believes in the innate healing power of food.

Kristen K.

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