Increase energy, eliminate fatigue and release excess fat with our customized alkalizing detox/cleanse programs by Oakville nutritionist, Maha Nasr.

Do you live a busy, stressful and hectic lifestyle?

Do you always feel tired no matter how long you sleep?

Do you drag yourself out of bed every morning to go to work?

Do you find yourself reaching out for fast food lunches and quick fix dinner meals?

Are you unhappy and may be depressed because you lack the energy to cope with daily chores?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are most probably a victim of the plague of modern life called chronic fatigue and you can definitely benefit from an alkalizing detox/cleanse plan to revitalize your health and prevent disease.

Why Detox and Cleanse with Our Oakville Nutritionist?

We are exposed to a wide variety of toxins everyday that enter our body with food, water, air, medications, personal care products and much more.

Unless we regularly cleanse our bodies from toxins, they will continue to build overtime burdening our elimination organs and producing an acidic state which weakens the cells and ages the tissues.

A personalized detox/cleanse programs can help you naturally and safely get rid of these deeply seated toxins over-loading your liver and fat cells.This allows you to increase energy, eliminate chronic fatigue and stress and release fat.

Our effective and gentle  programs are specifically designed by registered holistic nutritionist in Oakville, Maha Nasr to help you alkalize your body using nutrient-dense alkalizing and detoxifying super foods and nutriceuticals.

The benefits of the detox/cleanse will not only be reflected on so many areas of your physical health including energy level, vitality, skin, digestion and even sleep, but also on your emotional well being and your relationships.

I truly believe that cleansing and detoxification is virtually one of the most powerful healing (real healing of ailments and not just suppression of symptoms) therapies I have seen.

Dr Elson M. Haas, MD, Founder Preventive Medical Center of Marin

2 Detox/Cleanse Programs

The “Basic Detox program” and the “Advanced Detox Program” are both customized programs designed by Oakville nutritionist, Maha Nasr to provide you with 2 convenient options that suit your health needs and time. Both programs work to alkalize and support your body to release unhealthy toxins so that you can feel lighter, healthier and more energetic.

Our Detox/Cleanse Programs Will Help YOU

1. Increase energy level so that you can focus more on your tasks all day long without the caffeine kick.

2.  Reduce stress, and improve sleep so that you wake up feeling rested and ready for your day and eliminate chronic fatigue for good.

3. Incorporate new super-foods in your daily diet to nourish and alkalize your body

4. Take back control over your diet and reset your taste buds so that you can easily establish healthier eating habits after the cleanse.

5. Naturally release excess fat and water that are stored in your cells and causing puffiness and discomfort.

Your mind & body get revitalized when YOU make the right choices

Basic Detox Program Popular

$ 397

About 4 weeks in duration. Best if you have minor health concerns and want to re-vitalize your health.
  • 1 x 60 min- Initial Assessment & Preparation to assess your overall health and toxicity level, discuss your health concerns and get you ready to start your plan. ($250)
  • 1 x 60 min-Coaching Session to provide you with a step by step diet plan including a detailed foods guide, a customized supplement protocol and lifestyle recommendations to boost your detox. ($150)
  • 1 x 45 min-Follow Up session to evaluate your progress and provide you with tips for the next step .($120)
  • Done for you 1 x 7 Day Meal Plan with easy and tasty recipes to take out any guess work from your plan.($150)
  • BONUS: Grocery Shopping List to help you get started right away and save time on planning. ($45)
  • BONUS:Daily Wellness Tracker to hold you accountable and help keep track of your progress. ($25)


YOUR PRICE: $740+tax $ 397+tax

Advanced Detox ProgramBest Value

$ 99

About 8 weeks in duration. Best if you have chronic health issues and/or suspect heavy metal overload.
  • 1 x 60 min- Initial Assessment & Preparation to assess your health, diet and lifestyle and help you prepare for the detox. ($250)
  • 5 x 60 min-Coaching sessions to provide you with a step by step diet plan including a detailed foods guide, a customized supplement protocol and lifestyle recommendations to boost your detox.($150 x 5= $750)
  • Done for you 2 X 7 Day Meal Plan with easy and tasty recipes that will take only a few minutes to put together. ($150 x 2=300))
  • BONUS: Grocery Shopping List to take out any guess work from your grocery shopping. ($45)
  • BONUS:Daily Wellness Tracker to hold you accountable and help keep track of your progress. ($25)
  • BONUS: Informative Juicing Guide to help you get started with delicious and nutrition-packed alkalizing juices. ($25)
  • BONUS: Targeted Energy Medicine Practices & Techniques for  energetic vibrancy and emotional balance. This invaluable tool will nicely complement your plan and remarkably enhance your detox efforts. ($195)

REAL VALUE: $1,565

YOUR PRICE: $1,565+tax $ 797+tax OR 3 easy payments of $297+tax .

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Clients are amazed at the results they get and say remarkable things about the impact Maha’s work had on their health and their lives.

After the first few days, I had more energy, and my digestion improved. I felt lighter and less bloated, had better quality sleep, and my overall mood shifted to a more positive vibration. People even commented on how radiant I looked, and how my skin glowed the following week! I am now more conscientious of what I am putting into my body to fuel it and hoping to implement some of the strategies I learned through the detox on an ongoing basis. I absolutely loved this detox program. Thank you so much Dr Maha!! I would highly recommend this detox program to anyone looking for a delicious, healthy, and safe cleanse that incorporates a complete holistic system of care.

Fay M., Toronto

The results of the detox were amazing! Now my energy level is high especially in the afternoon, I am very calm (no more moodiness) and my sleep is much better. I really recommend Maha if you want to kick start your health and make better choices in your diet and lifestyle

Hayat, Toronto

I enjoyed the detox program very much. The program was very informative and the supportive follow up helped me a lot. It was a new experience for me but the recipes were so easy and tasty and I never felt hungry on the detox. At the end of the program, I felt much lighter and more energetic. I would definitely recommend Maha's detox program to others.

N.K., Oakville

The cleanse program with Maha was a very good experience for me. I learnt a lot of helpful information including how to incorporate healthy foods in my diet, organize my eating habits and have a healthier lifestyle. I liked the menu plan very much. The program helped me to be more relaxed and better adapt to stress especially in the morning when I was most tense. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to make a difference in his health.

H.K., Toronto

Increase Energy & Eliminate Chronic Fatigue

Alkalize & Detoxify Your Body